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Sterling Stairlifts Review

Sterling Stairlifts, a stair lift company based in Pennsylvania, USA, provides several models of straight-stair stair lifts, curved stair lifts, and outdoor stairlifts. Committed to quality and versatility, here are the models that Sterling Stairlifts currently sells. They include: Sterling 950 Series, Sterling 1000 Series, Sterling 2000 Series and Sterling 1000 Outdoor Series. Let's look at these individually. When you have experienced the look and feel of the Sterling Stairlift, you will agree that Sterling Stairlifts are some of the most elegant stairlifts available today.

Sterling 950 Series

Sterling 950 is straight-stairs stairlift that will look good in your home and will not break a bank. A narrow aluminum rail will take little space. The comfortable swivel chair will give you comfort and allow for easy and comfortable entry and exit. The batteries of the Sterling 950 Series are conveniently charged anywhere on the track, so the batteries will never go dead again! The directional paddle is conveniently located on the armrest and will allow even people with just some dexterity to easily control the movement of the stairlift. Finally, Sterling 950 Series stairlift folds to a compact 11 inches from the wall.

Sterling 1000 Series

Similar to Sterling 950 Series, the Sterling 1000 comes with many additional options. The most prominent options are the Luxury, Perch, and Space Saver Seats. The Perch and Space Saver choices of the seat can help you either with your disability if it prevents you from sitting comfortably, or it can help save sapce if the stairs are too narrow. A power swivel chair option is highly convenient. When approaching the landing station, simply depressing the power swivel button will slowly turn the seat in the direction of motion, thereby getting you ready for exit without any delays. Finally, the last but very useful option is the power foot rest folding mechanism which can save you a lot of bending when it is time to fold up the seat and stow it away.

Sterling 2000 Series

Sterling 2000 is a curved stair lift. It has similar features to Sterling 1000 but for the two-bar rail which makes it possible to first, still fit the rail very close to the wall, and second, create tight turns in the rail as needed to match the turns in your stairs. Sterling 2000 is thus a very versatile stairlift that will fit many types of stairs.

Sterling 1000 Outdoor Series

Sterling 1000 Outdoor Series is simply a weatherized version of the Sterling 1000 indoor straight stairlift. To protect it from the rain, dust, mud, and wind, a weather-proof protective cover is provided for the carriage and the seat. The rail itself is made of aluminum and is therefore rust and weather proof enough.